What A Fork! Agency


A dish for beginners or someone going through some changes (adolescence, midlife crisis, or pension). If you are a beginner, you will definitely need branding. If you are going through changes, you will need a new brand. This dish is easy to make. Do not trouble yourself and leave everything to professionals. Just remember to use it everywhere.



If you looked for a logo at a store, then you should know what you are looking for. It should be such a product you would be willing to add to your image cart and the one you could easily remember just after seeing it once. If a logo is good, you could not be mistaken. Besides, just look how beautiful and nice it is!



The component of corporate identity gives subtle finishing touches to a dish. It is the way how it is served. On what plate, how much food you would put on it, how you would decorate it, would you sprinkle the sauce or would you serve it separately on a mini-plate. Corporate identity combines answers to all these questions. Corporate identity should become your best friend, if you seek perfection. It needs to mature – just like olives. Use it and bring joy to your guests with the outcome.

Let’s meet in the marketing kitchen at Whatafork. Enjoy your dishes!