What A Fork! Agency


If you thought that the design dish was complicated, then calm down – not everyone is capable of dealing with communication soufflé. Let’s start with Facebook. Earlier people used to say: “If you are not online, you do not exist at all”. Nowadays they say: “If you are not on Facebook, it means you do not exist”. In that case you should probably start with that. Naturally, making a really good Facebook communication soufflé is difficult, but it is possible for sure! Communication soufflé is no soufflé without social networks. We will help you with that.



You would probably say that our guests love Instagram. Have you ever thought that you would have more guests, if you offered both dishes? Both Facebook and Instagram? Believe me, this is true. If you have the products and you like having guests over, put some effort, do some work in the marketing kitchen and you will enjoy a big company at your place!

If you are cooking communication soufflé, it is important that you do everything right. If you are cooking Facebook, you will need LETTERS and pictures. If you are cooking Instagram, you will need PICTURES and a little bit of letters, preferably those with a hashtag (#).



Since we have already discussed Facebook and Instagram, we should also mention Google+. This involves just as subtle communication soufflé cooking process as putting a cherry on top of it. It is till delicious without it, but it looks nicer! We are in no place of giving advice – we are merely marketing kitchen chefs – the decision is still yours.



We recommend adding Facebook advertisement as well. As we have already mentioned, communication soufflé is a complex marketing dish. Such an ingredient like Adwords causes lots of confusion. How expensive! But adding Adwords to communication soufflé makes a good investment. You would be able to observe, if the guests liked it, it was delicious, what they did not like and why they did not like it. These answers deserve a gold medal. Knowing this enables you to cook such a perfect dish that it makes your guests go crazy.



As hosts on television shows love saying: “the last but not least” is SEO. It is the base of the dish. A WEB father. The old daddy SEO always keeping in touch with the modern world. As if he watched a movie “Catch Me if You Can” once and now he is playing hide and seek. You would want to add him just as he is, but not a chance, as he keeps finding new ways to disguise himself and always thinks that he needs a different look. Today it is dried, tomorrow it will be fresh. Thus we always keep finding the best match to make this communication soufflé so delicious that these extra few hundred calories would be worth it.

But do not stress yourself out: we are here to help you make a fabulous communication soufflé!