What A Fork! Agency


A design dish is one of the most colourful ones there could possibly be, thus full design plates would be a decorative centrepiece for any kitchen table. It is a great combination of colours, shapes, and symbols. As a matter of fact, the ingredients of design may be changed based on preferences of taste and needs. There are no strict requirements, thus imagination may be set free to utilise its potential to the fullest and develop countless design recipes!



The design cooking process might include flyers. You would be surprised how they make everything fresh again! It is a very good thing that they come in different sizes, shapes, or textures.

As a rule, those, who use flyers, often cannot get through without posters. Basically a poster could be referred to as a brother of a flyer or definitely as a very close relative to the least. Everything needs to be well-cooked so that the person chewing it could sense its actual flavour and would remember it for a long time, or, even better, would crave for more and more posters.

A leaflet would do no harm as well. Would you like to make sure that your guests could not stop eating and kept asking for the ingredients making the dish so delicious? Serve them with plenty more of it.

Naturally, you will also need business cards as well. They fill the air with the mouth-watering aroma of the dish making us want to lick our fingers! It is a subtle invitation for tasting.



It happens when flyers or posters are not in season and it is impossible to find them anywhere. Or perhaps you just do not like them? In that case you can use banners. They will do just fine. Everything always depends on the desired outcome and the location of your kitchen.

If you like banners and you have your own kitchen on Facebook, you can always add a Facebook cover as well. It makes a great combination.

And in case you invited some guests to come over and want to make an impression on them, then you should show them a Google+ cover as well. Nobody will be left indifferent. You can trust a marketing kitchen chef with the right expertise and knowledge on how to cook design.

When it comes to catalogues, the situation is quite interesting – some people like to include it to the menu while others leave this option out. We suggest you making up your own mind. We have tried different options with or without it and we could not find any significant difference. But if you have it at an arm’s length, you should probably add it to the mix.



There would not be much of a design, if you did not add a logo to the dish. You can use an old one as well but make sure that is good, not spoilt. Do not be so sure that you would not taste that mouldy, bitter flavour in the dish, if you used an old logo. You should probably throw that out and get a new one. A good logo does half of the job. Anyone, who had spent some time in the marketing kitchen, surely would confirm that.

Anyway, if you are adding a logo to the mix, you would probably also need corporate identity. If we consider a poster and a flyer to be relatives, in that case a logo and corporate identity are like a mother and father. If you try saving on this ingredient, your design dough most definitely would not rise! Add it abundantly!


WEB UI/UX design

When it comes to web design, we would want to astonish people. A lot has already been said, described, and proven. And yet there are still things that make the matters worse! Do not tamper with this and this should not be neglected. It needs to be taken care of, attended, watered, and fertilized. It is a living thing after all! It is one of the most important ingredients. If you do not have a good one, then do not even start cooking. Anyways, making sure you have a good web design is a top priority.