A story about a little squirt

Before the head chef of the advertising kitchen at Whatafork became the person he is today, he used to be just a little squirt, who became interested in discovering the secrets of this kitchen. Perhaps he started in the wrong way but it also might be just what he needed. Nobody can be sure about this now. He used doors as his first surface for drawing. He used everything. He used to draw logos, design brands, he used to spend the whole night up trying to come up a product design. There were drawings that his customers did not like so the little squirt used to burn them right in the same kitchen. He just threw them to a baking pan and set it at 220o. Smoke would rush out the chimney installed in the left wall of the house and he was the only one who new that long hours of work and efforts turned into smoke flying in the sky over the city. But the chef-to-be never let his hands down. He worked even harder. And then he worked very long hours. It took him a few hundred thousands of work hours before a spider found a home in the oven and wove some cobwebs in there. Meaning he had nothing to throw to the oven. His pieces of work became so good that they served as decorations for the kitchen cabinets and tabletops!
However, yet another headache turned acute. (We left out that the little squirt was promoted to the position of the junior chef at the marketing kitchen at that time). Let’s get back to the headache. The designed pieces of work were not always used properly. It broke his heart seeing how a logo received as much appreciation as, let’s say, socks. Just like no white laundry should ever be washed at the same time as the black laundry. So a challenge faced by the junior chef was to work on supervision of logos: to show how to use them properly, how to preserve them, where and when to put them. The junior chef was climbing up the career ladder without even knowing it. By mastering management of brands he gained two powerful tools in both of his pockets, i.e. design and branding.

Just like everybody else, our junior chef constantly kept going through the roller coaster syndrome in life: first of all there was joy (because you need to go up first), then followed sadness (because then you need to get down). Feeling uplifted, with full pockets, having left the oven abandoned and covered with cobwebs, he realised that all his work and care were nothing, if nobody knew about them. We do not mean to say that there are no exceptions to the rule but enjoying something alone is no fun when compared to sharing this joy with others. Especially because the actual goal of the marketing kitchen is to make sure that someone miles and miles away or someone in the next building finds out about this developed and carefully maintained miracle. The junior chef decided to master the art of communication! Communication noodles kept getting tangled, twisting around the junior chef’s hands as he was working hard and trying to make them thin, nice, and even. This time he used to give away any imperfect noodles to the spider living in the oven, who, as far as we know, made a fortune after opening his own noodle restaurant. This third ability, i.e. communication, was like a golden chef’s knife to our junior chef, and as mastered the secrets of using it, he became an actual marketing kitchen chef.
Well, after that everything was very simple for him. One day he met the overweight spider, got lots of advice and an encouragement to open his own marketing kitchen. The one where everyone was welcome to come for a piece of advice: starting with the one having the smallest problems (the ones who can only fry an egg) to the ones having experience in the kitchen, who can no longer manage on their own and who are in need of hep, or the ones who have no spare time for cooking. And it does not matter for us which one of the above you are (perhaps we failed to mention someone). Please feel free to write us: we will meet for an interview in the marketing kitchen and the junior chef will even make some cakes with a filling of nice chat. :*